Hummingbird Favorite nectar made from pure herbal extracts

It Really Works!!!

Welcome to the store that will make your hummingbirds ever so much happier. Hummingbirds love our formula and you'll love the number of visitors to your feeder. Hummingbird Favorite has been pleasing hummingbirds and people like you since August 26th, 2001. Be comforted to know Hummingbird Favorite is made in the USA.

Hello and good morning! My name is Richard Guerry Pirtle, creator of Hummingbird Favorite. In 1987, while on a research trip to Central America studying primitive plants called Charophytes, a unique group of water plant, and their apparent distribution related to the migration patterns of different species of birds, I was inspired to create Hummingbird Favorite. I truly hope you enjoy using Hummingbird Favorite to please your hummingbirds and I wish you all my best.

Thank you.

Hummingbird Favorite
P.O. Box 65629
Lubbock, TX 79464
Shipping We ship 1st Class US Postal at a very modest rate. Shipping charges are $1.54 for the first ounce. The charge is $ .29 for each additonal ounce up to 30 ounces. For orders of 30 ounces and more, shipping is a flat rate of $9.95. An extra $10.00 is added for orders to Canada.

Return Policy We hold high standards here at Hummingbird Favorite and if your merchandise is received damaged, please tell us and we will re-ship a replacement promptly, we want you to be happy! If you would like a refund, please return the unused portion of your Hummingbird Favorite nectar and we will mail you a refund check, there are no fees for returning Hummingbird Favorite. We want your hummingbirds to be happy and we want you to be happy!