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"Happy Hummers here in La Mesa! Thank you"

Danielle, La Mesa, CA

Hummingbird Favorite is a special hummingbird nectar concentrate to which you add your own sugar. This hummingbird nectar formula contains pure herbal extracts from plants found naturally along hummingbird migration routes, it's not only more economical, but works like a dream. Response to Hummingbird Favorite is nothing short of won't believe your results. Try some today and you'll become the most popular feeder in your neighborhood!

For making Hummingbird Favorite in a larger quantity, Linda of San Jose, CA offers this recipe as she prefers using a 16 oz bottle of pure bottled water:

One 16 oz bottle of pure bottled water

One half cup of granulated sugar

One and a half teaspoonfuls of Hummingbird Favorite

Enjoy! You may keep the unused portion in your refrigerator for later!

Just so you know...Orioles love it too!

Here's a small tip for you: When a hummingbird feeder is difficult to clean, put some water and a small amount of pea gravel in the hummingbird feeder, swirl for a minute or so, and when the bottle is clean of major debris, clean as normal with dishwashing liquid. Be careful and rinse very well. How's that for a great way to clean the small necked feeders (or the larger necked feeders for that matter)?

We have been a featured item in the Kinsman Company Garden CatalogĻ since Spring 2004, Visit their store in Pipersville, PA if you can.

Our 2 ounce bottle makes over 20 cups of hummingbird nectar.

Our 4 ounce bottle makes over 40 cups of hummingbird nectar.

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